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The despicable ‘duty to die’

Thomas Sowell is one of the nation’s most thoughtful writers.  This reflection on the “Duty to Die” speaks to the “values clarification" that has flourished in many of our colleges and universities in the last several decades and questions the … Continue reading

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Ten Mental Mistakes of Obamatons

The author of this piece provides some real insights into the President’s verbal trickery that makes his speeches so effective.  The result is not praise for the President, but criticism for the majority of the American people and their ability … Continue reading

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Japan: The Sleeping Sovereign Debt Giant

  Bryan Rich of the Weiss organization also has some interesting insights into international economics.  In this column he postulates that Japan may race England to be the next big problem that the world economy must worry about … Japan: … Continue reading

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US Budget Crunch

  The IMF has published a report on the deficits of difference countries in terms of their GDP. The numbers show that the US is right up there with the worst managed countries in the world – Japan, Italy, and … Continue reading

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Dick Gibson on Domestic Oil

Dick Gibson has posted some useful information on offshore oil exploration that makes you wonder about the intelligence or honesty of both of politicians who want to ban oil production off the shores of the U.S.  Are they just dumb, … Continue reading

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It’s Your Money

  I got a letter from my friend Fr. John Rausch in Kentucky. Fr. John’s mission in life is working to end Appalachian poverty and I admire him for that. He has a way of bringing up topics from the … Continue reading

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